Foodies Festival Brighton

There’s nothing like spending a Saturday afternoon eating and drinking to your heart’s content … which is exactly what I did (#CheatDay!). Luckily, the weather blessed us with clear skies to kick off the annual Foodies Festival, which will tour the rest of England, with one stop in Scotland (schedule below).

My friend and I arrived at Hove Lawns and were immediately greeted by music and a free sample of an Old Fashioned, however, she had to drive so fortunately for me, I got to drink hers as well. The abundance of food overwhelmed us in the best possible way and while we were deciding what to eat, we were handed another free shot/sample of sparkling coconut water and vodka. Yum! Then we noticed yet another vodka provider handing out free samples as well – KIN Toffee + Vodka, which was smooth and delicious! At this point we definitely needed food.

Italian Mac & Cheese
Vegan FroYo (Bubblegum with coconut flakes)

I ended up getting the Italian Mac & Cheese, which was slathered with basil pesto and had delicious pieces of mozzarella throughout. Oh. My. Gah. There were plenty of other vendors competing for attention providing everything from Mediterranean, Thai, Ramen, Chinese, Mexican, BBQ, cakes, artisan bread, and sooooo much more.

Le Bun was a popular stop. There burgers looked like perfection.
Just LOOK at the perfection of this burger! It’s what all other burgers places should aspire to be!

Also, you will not go thirsty. Various vendors provided gin, whiskey, rum and tequila. I had Honey’s Midford Cider and I also tried Ableforth’s Sloe Gin Mule and they did not disappoint. It was so nice to just soak up the sun and listen to live music with great food and great company. The Foodies Festival will be in Brighton only until Monday, May 1st, but if you happen to be traveling to the U.K. this summer, do check out if the Foodies Festival will come near you. This is an annual festival so if you miss it this year, do check it out the next! [FYI I purchased my ticket via Groupon UK. Two-for-one tickets at £17.50].

Pros: Lot’s of choices, vendors, and drinks to be had. You can even purchase a variety of foods to take with you (cakes, bread, olive oil, chili sauces, etc.) or drinks (wine, bottles of gin, whiskey, rum and tequila). The live music was also a nice touch.

Cons: There were vegetarian options available, but I wish there was more of a variety. Also, like any festival, the food was a bit pricier given we also paid for a ticket, but some say it was worth it.

P.S. Lots of doggos were out in full force looking towards their owners with hopeful faces. “Please sir, can I have some more?”

Foodies Festival 2017 Schedule:

  1. Brighton [Hove Lawns]: 29 April – 1 May
  2. Bristol [Durdham Downs]: 12 May – 14 May
  3. Brentford [Syon Park]: 27 May – 29 May
  4. Newcastle [Exhibition Park]: 2 June – 4 June
  5. Birmingham [Canon Hills Park]: 23 June – 25 June
  6. Blackheath [Circus Field]: 7 July – 9 July
  7. Knutsford [Tatton Park]: 14 – 16 July
  8. Edinburgh [Inverleith Park]: 4 August – 6 August
  9. London [Alexandra Palace]: 26 August – 28 August
  10. Oxford [South Parks]: 1 September – 3 September