Markets and Macarons

During my Christmas trip to Paris, we stayed in a super quaint Air B&B in the Latin Quarter. Lucky for us, there was a small cobbled street lined with markets and cafes within walking distance. If you find yourself near the area, please pay a visit to Rue Mouffetard.

Walking through this pedestrian only road, you’ll find bakeries, delis, a seafood market, cafes, fromageries (is that right?), and wine shops that also sell local craft beer. It was such a lovely surprise going out looking for breakfast and coming back with jam, fresh-baked bread, and cheese, which I ordered in broken French. Yummy!

Next was the battle of the macarons: Pierre Hermé v. Ladurée.

We first stopped for dessert at the Ladurée on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. We opted for eating outside as the line for inside the restaurant itself was quite long. If you wanted to stop by for just macarons, the shop is also located in the restaurant itself but expect long lines for that as well. We had various cakes for dessert, which were so decadent and amazing, but a friend also ordered macarons to go. They were a delicious assortment of coffee, hazelnut, vanilla and other flavours.

On a separate day, on our way to the Jardin du Luxembourg, we stopped by the nearby Pierre Hermé shop and ordered more macarons. It offered more varieties and odd flavours like foie gras. In the end, we agreed that Pierre Hermé was the better of the two. If you would like to judge for yourself which is better, you can visit both places without much of a crowd, along Rue Bonaparte, which is on the way to the Luxembourg Gardens. You will find both Ladurée and Pierre Hermé along this road. You’re welcome and happy eating!


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